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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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[ music ] [ music ] live from viewhouse centennial, this is xfinity monday live. brought to you by xfinity, on the x-1 entertainment operating system, tv and internet together, like never before. now, your host, mark haas.
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hello, welcome to xfinity monday live, hanging out at the viewhouse centennial on a chilly denver night, feeling more like hockey weather tonight. so a good night to have from the avalanche, code by mcleod, a good -- cody mcleod. >> it's going to be a lot of fun this week, got a big game wednesday and the big game on saturday, at coors field, and all of the boys are looking forward to it for sure. >> coming off a split this weekend, you guys went up to canada, beat edmonton and lost to vancouver, happy to split on the road? >> yeah, making sure we got the win, always tough playing back-to-back games. for the most part, the score didn't show up, but we played a retty darn good hockey game on saturday in vancouver, we couldn't put the puck in the net and sometimes it goes like that, but we'll move on.
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win when you doont play well. -- don't play well. just hockey. >> exactly. nice stop 40-50 shots. >> good news is avs are still in a playoff position as we check the coors light cold hard facts. 31-27 #1k3 4, they have 66 points, that has them in 7th place. that is the wildcard number one position, but as the season winds dourngs they're going to need to keep racking up the points. >> always want to climb and you want to be as high up in the standings as you possibly can, for us, it's a matter of not being satisfied and making sure we keep climbing, looking ahead and -- it's going to be tight all the way to tend and in nashville, st. louis and we're looking ahead to keep climbing. >> so you're in the position right now, but a as you mentioned, only playing one game this week, while some of the teams are battling are going to be playing 2-3 games.
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>> yeah, for sure, i'd be lying to you if i said i wasn't. but if we take care of our games we're going to get in. we play the teams that are chasing us and the teams that we're chasing, so we look out for the teams, we'll be fine. but, yeah, always watching the scoreboard and seeing how the teams are doing for sure. >> it's a long season, started a little slow, had ups and downs but recently, won 4 of 6, playing pretty consistently well, would you agree? gates slow. but in november and december, we had a great month and january is probably the toughest month of the season, playing every other day, and we battle led back to get in the playoff position, 20 games to go. >> some of the other teams do have games, but you're in a position if you play most of those teams, you control your own destiny.
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breaks in between gamess and we'll have lot of rest and we've got to treat each game like a playoff game and make sure that we take care of business and especially take care of business at home, we struggled a bit at home this year, but played solid on the road. >> been with the avs nine year, you've seen ups and downs, how much do you want to get back to playoffs? >> yeah, nothing better than playoff hockey and the fans deserve to see us go and make a playoff run. it's always exciting when we get in there and the fans are great. >> let's talk about you, you have established a role here, with the as avalanche in your 9th season. one of four guys to have played in 600-plus games. i mean, those are some names and you're joining them as an established guy on this team. >> it goes fast. it's crazy to think that i've been here nine years. still remember my first game, and once you get the taste of
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here, it's a lot of fun, you just want to do whatever it takes to stay up here, and i guess obviously, the main goal is to win a championship. >> talking about staying with the team, what role l have you tried to embrace with this team? >> just the same thing that kind of got me up here was play with a lot of energy, stick up for my teammates, play with a lot of grit and a lat of heart and -- a lot of heart and hopefully i've got a few more game s left with me. >> and you own avs records. >> i guess, just just part of the game that got me here and i guess dropping the mitts, i have to do that once in a while, and i've done it quite a bit, i guess. so part of my nature, i get fired up easily and don't like to see my teammates get taken
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. we're back live at the viewhouse centennial, talking avs hockey with code by mcleod. following dcc on the outdoor ice at coors field. >> an historic night in colorado, over 35,000 here at coors field to watch the du pioneers beat colorado college, a night that these players will never forget. >> so you guys are on the road. but did you have any chances to see anything from this weekend. >> a lot of fans in the building, so it looks pretty exciting. >> what do you expect playing outdoors, i mean, do you expect the game to be much different or just outdoor hockey?
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bring you back to your younger years growing up outside, playing on the frozen lakes, and like that. so i know a few players have played on different teams got to play in outdoor game, i haven't forward to it. >> are the guys said anything about the ice conditions, weather, anything things you have to prepare for. >> i don't think in denver it won't be too cold, but making sure you are strong on the puck, and deep, who knows what the ice will be like, whether it's warm outside and stuff, kind of simple stuff like that. >> so you guys play saturday, but up first on friday, going to have the alumni game. a lot of people are looking forward to this game as much adz your guy's im-- as your guys's game. probably won't see the fights we used to see. are you guys going to check that one out? >> yeah, they'll be cheering on the old boys, don't think we'll see any of the brawls, but i
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skating, so they're going to, i think, once the game goes on, the intensity will pick up, they're going to do whatever it takes to come out on top and get the win. they've been skating and we've been shooting on patty in practice, so he looks ready, looks sharp, so we'll see. >> this was one of the best rivalries in hooky for about a decade, and there's -- hockey for about a dead kay, there's a lot decade fshlth he stood on his head that night, and we squeezed one out in the shoot, it was a good game, and entertaining for sure. wouldn't say the rivalries is not there, but it's not there like it used to be. >> is there still a bit there, just because of the history that every time -- you know that denver still feels the rivalry with the red wings, the young guys aren't as familiar with it. >> yeah, there's always going to be the passion, just because of the years past, but with detroit being out in the east, we see them twice a year, whatever it is, and but i think every time
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sure that we get the win, and the fans back in denver, always love when they come to town. >> it will be a fun time. going to head back to the cbs 4 studios and check in with karen leigh. i-70 will open off and on this week in glenwood canyon. cdot is still working to clean up the rock slide. and when i-70,,
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new information on a crash westminster, police say 24-year-old travis wood, jr., 88th and federal last week. officer kevin par nel was on his happened. he had mine jor injuries. westminster police say his lights and sirens were on. a man is dead following a s.w.a.t. situation in aurora. deputies were called around 9:00 o'clock this afternoon, investigators say a man inside started shooting at them. that was the start of an 11-hour stand off.
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arapahoe county s.w.a.t. team went inside the home and found the man dead inside. the coroner will determine how he died. >> new ke tails on a -- details on a motorcycle club allegedly involved in a shooting at the complex. the iron order not to go to anymore biker events, last month, a man was killed during the colorado motorcycle expo in denver. a member of the iron order was accused in the shooting, at the time, no one has been charged. the club's attorney says is it has agreed to avoid the upcoming shows. following a day of rock mitigation cleanup in comblen wood canyon. -- glenwood canyon. cdot took this video of today's work on the highway 4, the road was closed from 9:00 in the morning to 4:00. crews could work on repairs following last week's rock slides, the interstate will be closed from 9:00 to 4:00 for several days. while the road is open, drivers
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nasa calling all artists, they want to put artwork, poems and songs and videos on the spacecraft. lockheed martin is building the spacecraft that will launch later this year, it will collect samples of the asteroid that will be sent back to earth. just visit, click on links and information. let's get to ed greene and find out about the cold, snowy forecast. >> the cold air is here, now, we've got the rain changing over to snow. you can see we do have the snow right along the front range. and that's what it's going to be on the hour-by-hour forecast. it continues into the nighttime hours. and about 2:00 o'clock in the morning we see snow and that's what woour seeing for the morning -- you're seeing for the morning rush hour. the sun comes out. winter weather warnings and advisories for 14 inches of
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20s out west and then for tomorrow, going to be a colder one, 20s, 30s, 40s out east. 20s and 30s for the mountains. 30s and 40s out west. the forecast for tonight, light snow 1-3 inches, 24-22 for the overnight lows. clearing, but only in the upper 30s, the next several days, clear sailing into the weekend with 60s by the time the weekend rolls around. sfl thank you. what has been 6 month s since millions of gallons of mine waste spilled above silverton, the national attention has faded. rick sallinger travels back to the region to show us the lingering affects. >> the environmental disaster. now, we return to see the impacts. >> we decided as farmers to turn the water source off of this spill. >>reporter: how the water from colorado has left its mark on farmers from a tribe in new mexico. >> i would like to farm again, but i don't know if i can go
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>>reporter: the aftermath of the gold king mine spill. >> we hope you'll watch as we return to gold king mine tonight on cbs 4 news at 10:00. let's get back to the viewhouse centennial and mark. >> thank you, karen. we are hanging out with cody mcleod from the colorado avalanche as they get ready to host the red wings. riddle l me this, brought to you by your colorado land rover retailers, a q and a session for the guest. ready for riddle me this? very challenging segment. growing up, who was your favorite player or players? >> i've always liked cam neely from the boston bruins, and physical, they always played the game hard, love watching them play. nobody messed around with them on the ice. they seemed to put the puck in the net. those are two of my favorites. was there a guy you had
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got to play against. >> well, yeah, there was a few guys like -- obviously, got to play with joel, and watching them, play for the -- the avalanche growing up. so that was pretty surreal when i got to do that, too. >> speaking of your career, do you have an all-time favorite moment from your hockey career? >> yeah, there's been a bunch. obviously, my first goal against the red wings was pretty special. and then playing in the playoffs is always a lot of fun, and then going to remember those memories forever, and then a couple of years ago winning our division, 112 points. and that was a lot of fun, lots of wins that year. and it was a good season. >> does this team feel similar to two years ago, getting back to that winning way? >> yeah, i mean, we got the pieces to do something. and we've got a really good
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every team in the western conference is good, and we're talking about it earlier, you look at l.a., they squeak into the playoffs and end up winning the stanley cup. and you look another the teams in the west, any team can win on any given night. our goal is to get in the playoffs and go from there. >> a less serious one. how many teeth have you lost during your hockey career? do you va count? >> i think 7, but i might be up to 8, because i got one knocked out the other day in ottawa, they built it up again, but -- >> do you have a dentist? >> i do, a very good one. >> that must be important. that was this week's riddle me this brought to you by your colorado land rover retailers. >> we're going to talk about the
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[ applause ] and welcome back to the viewhouse centennial. celebrating denver's dining scene, at viewhouse centennial for denver restaurant week, 2016. that's february 26th to march 6th. viewhouse all out with a mouth watering four course meal, all new and special dishes, a mac and cheese bun slider, that is mac and cheese in the bun right there. looks very tasty. we know how tough it is keeping up with your favorite teams and the latest games, make it simple, track live stats and scores on your tv with the x-1 sports app from xfinity. hanging out with cody mcleod
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as we wrap up here, on cbs 4, we are talk to talk about your specialty, fighting. you have 119 career fights. >> i think so. >> penalty members from the avalanche. we did find one online, you once found jerome. >> yeah, vaguely remember it, but i think he come up high with the stick on me, and then we just kind of locked horns there and started chucking knuckles. pretty quick, short, but he's a tough guy, no bad blood there, that's for sure. >> did you guys ever chuckle about that, did you have to address it? >> we talked about it a couple of time s, we might have watched it on the plane or something when we were travelling. so i don't know who got the better of who, but we're both -- it's all good. >> what has he brought to this team and getting to watch him set career marks. >> yeah, he's a good leader in the dressing room and obviously, he puts up a lot of points for us and a big factor on the power play and he's been around a long
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to win and to get to the next level, so great addition, and everybody in here loves him. >> he's cody mcleod. online at have a good night. >> live from viewhouse centennial, this has been xfinity monday live. brought to you by xfinity on the x-1 entertainment operating system, tv and internet together like never before. join us,, the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard...
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